About Us

Clothing can say a lot. We all have our individual style, and it feels good to express these in a way that speaks to who we are without ever uttering a word.  Mafeno is a brand for people who want to step up their clothing.  With our collection, it’s more than just premium material and construction; it’s conscious living.  And when we do it together, we form a big family of like-minded spirits.  That’s the concept that powers Mafeno.  In fact, take a look and you’ll see that our name spelled backward is “one fam”.

We are committed to using only high-quality, sustainable materials in the making of our apparel.  Taking it a step further, we keep all of our operations right here in North America.  Our eco-friendly textiles are milled, cut, sewn, and dyed right here, in Canada, helping us keep our carbon footprint low.  Everything we do at Mafeno rests upon our highly cherished core values, which incorporates ethical production, sustainability, and long lasting apparel.

Mafeno was founded by two friends who are passionate about looking good and feeling even better.  Our Founders are staunchly opposed to the wasteful "fast fashion" industry, and they launched this company to offer a powerful alternative.  That’s why we produce timeless, limited edition designs on lasting fabrics, like our 100% cotton t-shirts and 100% organic cotton hoodies.  Mafeno: uniting humanity through elevated apparel.  We are one!